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World & Flags Supermap - 1430x1000 - Laminated

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World & Flags Supermap - 1430x1000 - Laminated 

A large laminated world political Pacific-centred map with 195 named flags of the world arranged above and below the map, and comes packaged in a tube.

A world political Pacific-centred map with relief shading to accurately depict each country's topography and under-the-ocean features, and includes the International Date Line.

Also included is a comprehensive index for reference, making Hema's World map perfect as either an educational tool, a reference point or for display purposes.


Key Features

  • Pacific-centred
  • Flags by Country (195)
  • Ocean Topography
  • Beautiful cartography

Key Specifications

Edition: 9th

Publication Date: 28/07/17

Scale: 1:40,850,000

Flat size (WxH): 1430mm x 1000mm

Weight: 0.08kgs