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The Big Lap Planner Pack

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This collection of maps has the best that each state has to offer for your big lap around Australia. If you’ve been planning this trip since forever but you’re just not sure where to start, then this is the ultimate pack to get you inspired and be prepared on the road.  

The Big Lap Planner Pack includes:

  • HX-1 Navigator (RRP $699)
  • Fraser Island Map (RRP $14.95)
  • Australia Large Map (foldable) (RRP $14.95)
  • Northern Territory Handy Map (RRP $9.95)
  • Cape York Map ($14.95)
  • Flinders Ranges Map (RRP $14.95)
  • Kimberley Map (RRP $14.95)
  • High Country Victoria Map (RRP $14.95)
  • Great Desert Tracks Edition 5 (RRP $ 69.95)

Purchase the Big Lap Planner Pack for $759.95 and save $108.65. Also includes FREE shipping.