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Places We Love - Pilbara

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Places We Love - Pilbara

The Pilbara within Australia's North West stretches the Pilbara region. The size of Victoria, it lies 1200kms north of Perth and it is about as far away from the populated east cost as you can get. Our Pilbara Pack will make sure you are prepared to explore some of the world's most stunning ancient landscapes

This bundle includes:

  • Explore the Pilbra in your 4WD Guidebook (RRP $19.95)
  • Pilbra and Coral Coast Map (RRP $14.95)
  • Western Australia Road & 4WD Track Atlas (RRP $34.95)
  • Australia Road & Terrain Map (RRP $12.95) 

Purchase the Places We Love - Pilbara pack for $69.95 and save $12.85. Includes free shipping!