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Beat the Heat - Stay Cool This Summer

Australian summers can be brutal. Sleepless nights make for exhausting days and there is often no reprieve from the harsh sun.

It’s important to stay cool for general comfort and for your health. Despite the heat, summer is an ideal time to camp, so we’ve put together some tips on how to stay cool when out enjoying the sun.


First, and arguably most important, carry enough water if travelling remotely. People need more water when the weather is hot, so it isn’t enough to carry the ‘usual’ amount. Second, are your awnings good enough to block out harmful and hot rays? Consider a second awning to ensure the camper does not trap too much heat during the day, which will create an uncomfortable night’s sleep. You’re not always with your tow tug when out and about seeing sights, so many people also use an awning for their vehicle. Remember, shade cloth made of natural materials will provide a cooler atmosphere than cloth made from synthetic materials.

Air circulation is also important when trying to stay cool. Use plug-in fans and ensure your windows are open to encourage air movement. In that vein, consider where you set up camp. Try not to be too close to neighbours and aim for shade. Creating a ‘boxed’ camp set up can mean that air is trapped between campers, which creates a ‘hot box’ effect.



While it might seem tempting to strip off on hot days, it can make you dehydrate faster. Wear loose baggy clothes to allow the air to flow and to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Most importantly, stay hydrated. If you become dehydrated, your ability to sweat and cool yourself will be affected. Alcohol and caffeine will also affect your hydration, so make sure you drink fluids wisely.

Limit the amount of time you spend in direct sunlight. Try planning your activities for morning or late afternoon/early evening when the sun is not as hot. Part of the fun of camping is cooking outdoors, which also avoids transmitting heat to your camper or caravan – you will thank yourself later when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re finding the heat unbearable, soak your hat in water or spritz yourself with water from a spray bottle.

Camping near a natural water source means you can take a dip (if it is safe to do so) when the temperature soars. If it’s not safe to take a dip, consider bringing a blow-up pool to fill with water from the source.



Heat, while uncomfortable, can also be dangerous. With heat comes the threat of bushfires. Monitor bushfire risk constantly and follow the guidance of authorities. There are several apps that regularly update bushfire risk levels and any incidents. Above all, stay safe, stay cool and have fun!


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