11 Reasons to Drive the Gibb River Road

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This major artery through The Kimberley in Western Australia is one of Australia’s most beautiful drives.

  1. Conquer WA’s most infamous dirt track

    Stretching for 660km through the vast Kimberley, the Gibb River Road is one of Australia’s best 4WD adventures.

  2. Spectacular river crossings

    There’s no shortage of creek crossings in the Kimberley, especially if you visit early in the Dry Season when the waterways are still brimming.

  3. Visit outback stations

    From Home Valley Station to El Questro, there are multiple working outback stations along the Gibb where visitors can experience life on the land in the Kimberley.

  4. Swim beneath waterfalls

    The Kimberley is waterfall country, with countless beautiful falls cascading over rocky gorges to deep, cool swimming holes far below. However...

  5. Spot crocodiles

    This is croc country, so you’re in with a great chance of seeing one. Spot saltwater crocs in coastal and brackish waters and their smaller freshwater cousins throughout the region.

  6. Camp on pristine beaches

    From Derby to Honeymoon Bay, wile away days relaxing on pristine palm-lined beaches with azure water teeming with tropical fish species.

  7. Walk amongst ancient landscapes

    The ancient Kimberley Range offers a staggering variety of landscapes, from the beehive structures of the Bungle Bungles to the breathtaking Cockburn Ranges.

  8. Explore smaller tracks in your 4WD

    While the Gibb is the main artery through the Kimberley, there’s plenty of offshoots to challenge the most hardcore 4WD fanatic. Try the challenging King River Road that runs from the Gibb to Wyndham.

  9. Eat fresh fish under the stars

    From tropical saltwater species like coral trout and mangrove jack to the legendary barramundi, the Kimberley is a fisherman’s paradise. Best eaten straight from the coals.

  10. Get up close and personal with a boab tree

    These quirky ancient giants are unique to the Kimberley, and have been used for everything from traditional medicine to meeting points and even colonial-era prisons!

  11. Discover unique and amazing places

    Sandy beaches hidden in caves, multi-tiered waterfalls, secret oases in the middle of the outback – there’s no shortage of incredible hidden gems to discover in the Kimberley.

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