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Werribee & District 4x4 Club Interview with Trevor Ryan

Being part of a 4WD club is a great way to spend time with some like-minded people. Trevor Ryan, Vice President of the Werribee & District 4x4 Club was good enough to have a chat and reveal a little bit about this strong family and community-minded 4x4 club.

Werribee & District 4WD Club(Image: The Werribee & District 4WD Club is all about fun, family and friendship.)

Q. How did the Werribee & District 4x4 Club begin?

The club was started in 1985 by a man named Alan Kendell who was heavily involved in the local community, starting with the local fire brigade. He was a popular man who thought that something like this would be great for all the families who owned 4WDs. The club now has approximately 80 members, with numbers dropping off during COVID, however, Trevor expects that they will start to grow again in the next few months.

Q. What made you want to get involved with the club?

I first joined in 1998 because my mates and I all had 4WDs and we thought it would be a good idea to join a club. Then in 2000 work and life got busy meaning I had less time to spend with the club before returning during 2007. Since then I’ve been involved in different roles within the club as a committee person, president, trip coordinator and current vice-president.

Q.What do people need to do to join the club?

Visitors are invited to join two trips before joining so they can get a feel for it, then it’s as simple as filling in a form and paying a $150 joining fee, that includes an accredited 4WD training course, then it’s $90 per year. The club operates under the 4WD Club Victoria guidelines. 

The club plans several trips a year(Image: The Werribee & District 4WD Club plans several trips a year.)

Q. How often does the club meet?

We meet once a month, with online meetings being the norm for the past few months. Industry guests such as Mike Cowan from Clearview and Justin Gill from Hema Maps come and talk at each meeting, which helps provide insightful information for our members.

Their annual snow trips are always popular(Image: Their annual snow trips are always popular.)

Q. Where do you like to go on club trips?

We are very lucky in Victoria, having so many diverse areas to explore. Being where we are, Wombat State Forest and the Otways are popular. Weekend trips are also a hit, heading to places like Walhalla and Talbotville in the Victorian High Country.

Helping the Wonthaggi CFA was a challenge we accepted(Image: Helping the Wonthaggi CFA during the bushfire relief was a challenge the club was happy to accept.)

Q. What community activities does the club get involved in?

We support Blaze Aid, the volunteer-based organisation that supports rural farmers and families who’ve been affected by fires and floods by taking trips to the High Country and raising money. 

Blaze Aid are a great help to rural families after fires and floods and the club are always there to provide a helping hand.(Image: Blaze Aid are a great help to rural families after fires and floods and the club are always there to provide a helping hand.)

During the January fires, we answered a call by the Wonthaggi CFA and raised over $8,000 within a few hours filling several trailers full of non-perishable groceries purchased from a local Woolworths. A convoy then drove down to Wonthaggi and delivered it to the brigade.

The Club Crew did a great job in purchasing groceries for the Wonthaggi CFA (Image: The Club Crew did a great job in purchasing groceries for the Wonthaggi CFA .)

We are associated with the Peace of Mind Foundation who support victims of brain cancer and their families. The initiation of a family retreat weekend saw us hire a venue in Anglesea and provide numerous activities for the victims and families with Harley rides, custom car rides, jet ski activities and 4WD trips, raising money as well. 

Peace of Mind Foundation is such a worthy cause for the club to be associated with(Image: Peace of Mind Foundation is such a worthy cause for the club to be associated with.)

Q. What is the best way to get in touch with the Werribee & Districts 4x4 Club?

Our Facebook page is the best way to get in touch with us, just shoot us a message or click on the “Contact Us” button.

Check out the links below for the Werribee & District 4WD Club website and Facebook page. 



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  • Trevor Ryan: October 20, 2020

    Thanks HEMA and the fabulous Justin Gill for supporting clubs like ours. We would also like to thanks Justin for presenting at our recent Zoom meeting. Justin’s presentation left us all talking afterward and certainly wishing we could be out on the tracks again. Thanks HEMA :)

    Cheers Trev

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