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We Give A Run Down On Our 4WD Maps App

4WD Maps App Hema Maps
(Image: The 4WD Maps App from Hema Maps.)

Start your Australian adventure with Hema's
4WD Maps App. The 4WD Maps app provides offline digital maps to help you explore remote locations without an internet connection. The 4WD Maps App allows you to access Hema’s rich 4WD maps offline using your smartphone or iPad enabling you to explore Australia off the grid.

The 4WD Maps App from Hema Maps is for those who prefer our detailed printed maps in a digital form. This app includes a comprehensive range of Hema's printed maps and third party map options which features roads, 4WD tracks, points of interest (POIs), camps, facilities information, topographic maps and information to guide your travels of the beaten track.

The 4WD Maps App features all current Hema touring and topographic maps for confidently navigating off-road, caravaning and camping adventures. Together with the 4WD Maps offline feature and your device's in-built GPS receiver, you can track your current location on the detailed Hema maps, along with planning your routes by dropping waypoints and creating track logs of your epic adventures. 

We've got you covered during your travels!

"Hema's 4WD Maps app has the best maps for the 4X4 tourer." – Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures

 “4WD Maps is an invaluable off-road navigation tool.” – Simon Christie, 4WD TV


On 23 March 2021, Hema in collaboration with our partner at Memory Map are very pleased to announce the following changes to the 4WD Maps App (Android Version):

  • New detailed maps of High Country Victoria - Hema’s recently released Victorian High Country Map series at 1:100,000 scale has now been added.
  • New State map series covering all Australian States - the latest Hema State Maps have been updated and added.
  • New detailed map of Landcruiser Mountain Park, QLD - Hema’s South East Queensland map featuring a detailed map of Qld’s iconic Landcruiser Mountain Park is now included.
  • New software features - New features include the ability to simply tap to select/edit a track, find time, speed and altitude at any point on the track and to split and join routes and tracks. 

The IOS version is currently being reviewed by Apple and should be released soon.


The 4WD Maps App comes preloaded with a massive library of Hema touring and 4WD maps that cover all of Australia. Discover major off-road destinations such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Goldfields, the Top End, the Pilbara, the Outback and Central Australia, in addition to lesser-known 4x4 and touring regions. A list of all base maps included is listed further down below.


4WD Maps gives you access to a wide range of additional map sources through the Memory Map Digital Map Shop. Create your account to view and download a variety of map types for different regions and different methods of travel, including hiking maps, topographic maps of New Zealand and more.

  • Add more maps to your library
  • State government topo maps
  • New Zealand maps
  • Marine Charts


With 4WD Maps, you can track your position in real-time to navigate your journey, as well as record your trail to save your trip and find your way back home again.

Drop waypoints while planning or during your adventure to mark important places, as well as monitor a range of insightful navigation statistics to keep an eye on how you’re travelling.

With the 4WD Maps App available on Android and Apple IOS, you can explore the unknown paths with confidence.


The 4WD Maps App comes preloaded with a huge library of Hema touring and 4WD maps that covers all of Australia. The wide map range (now available digitally) allows you to explore the unknown path with confidence. 

The Base Maps included are:

1. Australia 1:250K TOPO

2. Hema Explorer Map at 1:150,000 - 1:10M


  • Goldfields-Esperance Region Map
  • Goldfields-Esperance - Cape Arid NP
  • Goldfields-Esperance - Cape Le Grand NP
  • Goldfields-Esperance - Fitzgerald River NP
  • Goldfields-Esperance - Stirling Ranges NP
  • Goldfields-Esperance - Stokes NP
  • Goldfields-Esperance and Southern Coast of WA

Cape York

  • Cape York - The CREB Track
  • Cape York - Lakefield NP
  • Cape York - The Tip


  • Flinders - Flinders Ranges Main map
  • Flinders - Mount Remarkable NP
  • Flinders - Flinders Ranges NP
  • Flinders - Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges NP

Fraser Island

  • Fraser Island - Central Station
  • Fraser Island - Mid Fraser
  • Fraser Island - Rainbow Beach

Great Desert Tracks

  • Great Desert Tracks - North Central
  • Great Desert Tracks - North East
  • Great Desert Tracks - North West
  • Great Desert Tracks - South Central
  • Great Desert Tracks - South East
  • Great Desert Tracks - South West

High Country

  • High Country Victoria North East
  • High Country Victoria North West
  • High Country Victoria South East
  • High Country Victoria South West

Top End

  • Top End - Kakadu National Park
  • Top End and Gulf - Boodjamulla NP
  • Top End and Gulf - Darwin Region
  • Top End and Gulf - Gregory NP
  • Top End and Gulf - Keep River NP
  • Top End and Gulf - Nhulunbuy


  • Outback New South Wales Map
  • Outback NSW - Kinchega NP
  • Outback NSW - Mungo NP
  • Outback NSW - Mutawintji NP
  • Outback NSW - Sturt NP
  • Outback Queensland Map
  • Outback QLD - Bladensburg NP
  • Outback QLD - Carnarvon Gorge
  • Outback QLD - Currawinya NP
  • Outback QLD - Diamantina NP
  • Outback QLD - Idalia NP
  • Outback QLD - Mt Moffat
  • Outback QLD - Salvator Rosa and Ka Ka Mundi

South- West 

  • South West Western Australia Map
  • Sth West Corner - Margaret River Wine Region
  • South West Corner - 200k


  • Mid West Western Australia Map
  • Mid West WA - Francois Peron NP
  • Mid West WA - Kalbarri NP
  • Mid West WA - Kennedy Range NP
  • Mid West WA - Mount Augustus NP


  • Pilbara Map
  • Pilbara - Cape Range NP
  • Pilbara - Karijini NP
  • Pilbara - Millstream Chichester NP
  • Pilbara - Rudall River Karlamilyi NP

Simpson Desert

  • Simpson Desert 1:1,100,000
  • Simpson Desert 1:500,00

The Kimberley

  • The Kimberley - Dampier Peninsula
  • The Kimberley - Purnululu NP
  • The Kimberley - Wyndham-Kununurra

The Red Centre

  • The Red Centre Map


  • Around Zeehan
  • Hobart & Region
  • Southwest National Park

With 4WD Offline Maps App, you can:

  • 4x4 touring Australia- wide with preloaded Hema maps
  • Navigate offline with offline digital maps
  • Find 4WD tracks
  • Drop waypoints to mark important places
  • Plan & create routes
  • Record, save and share your tracks with friends & family
  • Get access to 70+ preloaded Hema maps including updated maps from Hema including Cape York, Kimberley and Victorian High Country
  • Get access to 350,000km+ roads & tracks mapped and field checked by the Hema Map Patrol
  • Get real-time GPS tracking
  • View detailed navigation statistics
  • Simplified map management & map scale bar
  • Easier to customise ‘Stats’ page
  • Improve route planning
  • Optimise route feature (online)
  • Easy cancel navigation mode
  • Overlay Hide/Show setting
  • Ability to save data across your devices (via Memory-Map)

You can find out more information about the 4WD Maps App via the following link:

For a comprehensive comparison of all Hema Maps apps, please follow the links below for the Hema Apps comparison information chart and table.

Hema Maps App comparisons:



The 4WD Maps App is currently available for AUD $99.99 at the Apple Store and Google Play Store via the following links:

Apple Store:

Google Play Store:

For all Hema Maps apps and digital map products, please click HERE, or follow the link below:


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