An Interview with Former Motogp Superstar Racer and Adventurer Daryl Beattie

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Daryl Beattie, of Daryl Beattie Adventures, is well-known for his love of offroad adventures. Recently, we had a chance to chat with him about all things adventure and travel.

An Interview with Former Motogp Superstar Racer and Adventurer Daryl Beattie, Hema Maps(Image: Former Motogp Superstar Racer and Adventurer Daryl Beattie.)

Q: You've had a long history with motorbikes, can you tell us a little about how you got your start and the adventures that have come from that?  

A: I was lucky enough to win a motorbike in 1979 on a kid’s cartoon show called Agro’s Cartoon Connection and my love of motorbikes was born. That led me to race minibikes until 1986 which then led me to Grand Prix racing. I was forced to leave the sport in 1997 due to injury. My best finish was second in the world championship. 

Born in Charleville in Western Queensland, I grew up hearing a lot of stories about the bush from my parents, especially about the channel country. So, when I got to a point of wanting to do more in addition to my MotoGP commentary work at Network 10, I decided to combine my love of motorbikes with my love of the outback, and Daryl Beattie Adventures was born. But, this wouldn’t have been possible without long term supporters and sponsors Honda and Michelin. 

Q: Obviously you love an adrenaline rush, how did that translate into setting up Daryl Beattie Adventures? And can you tell us a bit about the tours for our readers who may not know? 

A: There really is nothing better than the first day of a tour. The excitement and buzz of the customer is infectious and experiencing that every tour is a real thrill. We have so much history in the outback and it is incredible to see people take that on board. For most customers this is their first time in the outback. 

All of our tours are fully supported. We supply motorcycles, delicious gourmet meals (cooked by my mother!), hot showers and accommodation under the stars. And, we get to ride through some of the most spectacular and remote areas of Australia. 

Q: Things can always go wrong out on the track, what are your top tips for handling the unexpected? 

A: Preparation is key. Make sure you do all your preparation before you leave, and that should include everything especially safety, emergency procedures and mechanical. 

Q: There are a lot of tricks when it comes to outback adventures that get picked up along the way, but what is something you wish more travellers knew when starting out? 

A: There are five things for me, and these include: understanding tyre pressures, understanding throttle control on dunes, bringing your own firewood, taking your rubbish with you and learning how to dig holes for your toilet stops. 

Q: What Hema product is your go-to or you find most helpful out on the road? 

A: I have used the Hema app offline maps for six years on both iPhone and iPad and I wouldn’t use anything else. Plus, they’re an Australian company! 

Q: Travel plans have been upended left, right and centre this year affecting a lot of people, including yourself. What are your plans for when things are back to (COVID) normal? And what kind of changes are you expecting to see in Australian travel? 

A: Our focus for 2021 is to start the year as we would like any other. Because we are seasonal, that will be in May 2021. With no international flights or travel, I see unique outback tours and tour operators enjoying their best season yet. In 2020 we didn’t get an opportunity to do one tour! 

Q: Following that note, what's your dream trip or next on your list? 

A: For me, my ultimate motorcycle tour is the Canning Stock Route. It never gets old. 

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