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HEMA x what3words

a what3words address. ///fishery.medical.deflects, for example, is the what3words address of an exact spot in the Kimberley, Western Australia.(Image: a what3words address ///fishery.medical.deflects, for example, is the what3words address of an exact spot in the Kimberley, Western Australia.)

Australia’s epic off-roading spots found easily with HEMA and what3words
When it comes to describing exactly where to find Australia’s off-road destinations, rest stops, or beautiful vantage points, things can start to get really complicated. Many places don’t have a traditional street address or visible landmark, and most of the best adventure spots have no address at all.

Three words to plan your adventure
what3words is a really simple way to find, save and share any location. It’s given every 3 metre square in the world a unique combination of three words: a what3words address.
///fishery.medical.deflects, for example, is the what3words address of an exact spot in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

what3words addresses have been added to over 100,000 points of interest across the Hema Maps cloud platforms and printed guides. Now it’s easier to find Australia’s most rugged and remote locations - from your favourite 4x4 track, to your favourite campground or holiday park, to the closest rest stop or dump point. All you need is three random words in the format ///word.word.word to be able to find any location using our search functions.

what3words is available in the following products:
- HemaX -
- CamperX -
- Hema 4x4 Explorer -
- Printed guides - look for the what3words address in the format ///word.word.word

Do I need wifi, mobile data or phone reception to use what3words addresses in HemaX/CamperX/Hema 4x4 Explorer?
what3words works offline, so you will be able to find the what3words address for your current location on either app without wifi, mobile data or phone reception. The words are fixed and will never change.

Why can’t I just use coordinates?
You can! Coordinates are super accurate and reliable and will always be supported in our platforms. However, some people find that what3words addresses are a more human-friendly way of giving the same information: what3words makes the HEMA product suite even more accessible for those who find three words easier to read, remember or share and much harder to mix up than coordinates.


  • Owen : April 09, 2021

    Yes, a fabulous APP that I have been using since its inception. It is also being used by the ‘Emergency +’ phone App for 000, SES, etc., to make it easier to report incidents.
    One of the more ‘out of the way’ places I have been is ///obstacle.quit.riding. (Look it up)

  • John: April 09, 2021

    What 3 words is now used on the Emergency Services App, and is gaining popularity wold wide.
    Well worth getting the What3Words App as well as just using on Hema maps

  • The Grenzologist : April 08, 2021

    A faaaabulous system I’ve been using for about a year now. It will revolutionise finding any place on this planet. In fact I’m off to ///forbid.quite.pirated this Easter long weekend, a wonderful spot for grenzologists like me that is very difficult to locate or describe any other way !

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