Hema U - Online Training Program Schedule - Nov and Dec 2020

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Hema is very pleased to announce that following a successful trial, we are rolling out a formal online training program known as 'Hema U'. These training sessions will be utilised using the market leading webinar platform Demio and will be conducted by internal Hema staff and external specialists.

The program will consist of a mixture of basic overview sessions for new product releases, more detailed training programs for products such as the HX-1 and a number of 'pro' sessions for more advanced users.

Each session will be either 30 minutes or an hour with time allocated for questions at the end of the session. Each session will also be recorded to allow those that can't make the session or would like to revisit the presentation can do so at a time that is convenient to them. For future sessions please feel free to register in advance on the link below (don't worry we'll send you a reminder leading up to the event).

Below is the schedule for November and December 2020 and we are currently working on the 2021 line up which will be released before the end of the year:


Session Date 
Recording Link
4x4 Explorer App Overview
Wed, Oct 21, 2020 
Not recorded
4x4 Explorer App Overview
Wed, Oct 21, 2020 
Not recorded
HX-1 Introductory Session
Thurs, 13 Nov 2020



Session Date & Time
Registration Link
4x4 Explorer App Overview
Wed, Nov 
18, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
 1 hour


New Product - 
Vic High Country Maps
Wed, Nov 25, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
30 mins https://my.demio.com/ref/JJMeAmuxkmuTVjlG
New Product- 
South East Queensland Map (featuring Landcruiser Park) 
Thurs, Nov 25, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
30 mins https://my.demio.com/ref/41e5PMgFVUAc0rHg
HX-1 Pro Session
Wed, Dec
2, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
1 hour https://my.demio.com/ref/7UkZomsb978U76J6
CamperX App Overview
Wed, Dec
9, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
1 hour
HX-1 Introductory Session - Explore Mode
Wed, Dec 16, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
1 hour https://my.demio.com/ref/CD8V7bPJrFgXE2iL
HX-1 Introductory Session - Drive Mode
Thurs, Dec 17, 2020 
4PM AEST (Mel/Syd)
1 hour https://my.demio.com/ref/xLBQzHygxghELSXr


A special thanks to those who participated in the trial presentations. Your feedback has been invaluable and we will continue to refine the program based on your contributions. Of course, retail customers are also invited to attend these sessions. 

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