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HEMA Safety with what3words

Three words that could save your life

Breaking down in the Outback can be a catastrophe. If you get into trouble, it’s crucial to direct emergency services to the scene quickly and accurately, but that can be almost impossible to do when you’re off the beaten track.

what3words addresses have been added to over 100,000 points of interest across the Hema Maps cloud platforms and printed guides making it super easy to describe any off-roading location - from your favourite 4x4 track, to your favourite campground or parking spot.

In an emergency, what3words is one of the simplest ways to tell Triple Zero (000) exactly where you need help. To be prepared for your next adventure, learn how to give your what3words address to emergency services by following the steps below.

Using the Emergency + app

When you open the Emergency+ app, you’ll see a series of icons for different emergency services in your area. Tap on the relevant icon for your emergency; you’ll get connected to a Triple Zero (000) call taker. When they ask for your location, read out the 3 words displayed at the bottom of your screen in the ‘My Location’ section. Help will then be sent to that exact what3words location.

Using the what3words app

Open the what3words app, wait for the blue dot to stabilise to ensure you have the most accurate what3words address, then tap the Locate Me icon – it’s an arrow on iPhones and a target on Android devices. Dial Triple Zero (000) and read the 3 words on your screen to the call taker. They’ll know exactly where to send help.

(Image: what3words app tells emergency services exactly where you are.)


  • Bec from Hema Maps: April 12, 2021

    Hi Robert, yes absolutely! All emergency responders can use the what3words feature to locate any destination.

  • Robert Dummermuth: April 12, 2021

    As an emergency services first responder can the information be reversed? i.e. can we insert the “3words” and locate the incident?

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