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Hema’s Map Patrol to Dargo for the Launch of Hema’s new High Country Series.



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Hema’s Map Patrol to Dargo for the Launch of Hema’s new High Country Series.(Image: Hema’s Map Patrol to Dargo for the Launch of Hema’s new High Country Series.)

When we think of November in Victoria, our mind turns immediately to fashion, glamour and the party atmosphere that surrounds Melbourne’s iconic spring carnival - the race that stops a nation. But just a few hundred kilometres east another iconic event is underway. The reopening of the Victorian High Country seasonally closed tracks, bringing a rush of explorers keen to sample this alpine delight.

For the Map Patrol, this event also marked the finalisation and release of our new High Country detailed 1:100k Map series and what better location to launch this product but at the historic Dargo General Store. Kerry & Peter graciously hosted myself and the 76 series Landcruiser, as an endless stream of 4wds visited to refuel both vehicle and driver alike with possibly the best Egg & Bacon rolls, Toasties and Burgers this map patrol pilot has personally.

Hema’s Map Patrol to Dargo for the Launch of Hema’s new High Country Series.(Image: The Hema Map Patrol Outside the Iconic Dargo Store.)

With driver and vehicle refueled, it’s time to explore everything this region has to offer with Hema’s new detailed High Country map series. The four map series features:

  • More visible tracks due to the 1:100k scale.
  • Track Notes around track conditions and track drivability.
  • Historical sites and camping areas.
  • Seasonal snow line coverage and predicted track closures.
  • Bushfire affected areas from the 2019 fire season.
  • Map elevation topographic contour lines set at 50m.
  • New and updated map datum.

Hema Maps Launch New Victorian High Country Map Pack(Image: Hema Maps Launch New Victorian High Country Map Pack.)

The Victorian High Country Maps are available both separately at AUD $14.95 each and in our newly popular 4 pack for AUD $54.95 which includes a bonus map wallet.

To buy the Victorian High Country Maps Pack click HERE, or visit the following link-

For all Victorian High Country products from Hema Maps, click HERE, or check out the following link-



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